Chapter 3. Using the Hotspots Component

We know that you are unpatient! You want to know the short story and you don't like to read a lot. Ok! So, here is the absolut minimum of steps that you need to make in order to see the component in action:

  1. Create a hotspot category

  2. Create a hotspot

  3. Create a menu link pointing to hotspots

If you managed to do this - congratulations! You seem to be an advanced joomla user - so you know the procedure - play around with the component and you will figure all features out!

You didn't manage to follow the above steps? Don't worry, let us examine each view of the component and explain what all those buttons are for. We will proceed with each section in the order it appears in the toolbar menu.


The Hotpspots dashboard opens when you click on Components -> Hotspots in your Joomla backend. The dashboard is normally your starting point when you want to access anything within Hotspots. On the left side of the Dashboard you should see a google map that shows you the last locations entered in Hotspots. You can click on a location to edit or to view it in the frontend. On the right you have some modules that show you the latest feeds from related to hotspots or if there is an available update.

The dashboard is build out of Joomla modules. So if you don't need any of the information there you can just go to Module Manager -> set filter to admin modules and disable the hotspots modules that you don't want to see.