Chapter 1. Introduction

This document describes the basic functionality and key features of the CComment extension. We cover both the Core and Pro version in this document. Pro features can be distinguished by the "(Pro feature)" tag in their titles.

What is it all about

CComment is Joomla component, which allows you add comment functionality to your Joomla website. Comments can be added to the default Joomla content extension (articles) or to any other Joomla component for which a CComment plugin exists. The current non-exclusive feature list of the CComment includes:

  • Ajax-based

  • Spam protection

  • Plugins for 3rd party components

  • Nested comments

  • Multilingual support

  • Import function

  • UBB code support, image support, emoticon support, quote support

  • Community Builder, Jomsocial, K2 avatar support & Gravatar support

  • Allow comments per category

  • Show comment count on front page

  • Front-end comment moderation

  • RSS-feed

  • E-Mail notifications of new comments (with unsubscribe options)

  • Publish/unpublish of comments with one click in the link of a mail for moderators

CMS compatibility

CComment 5 is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0